Regional Office of Silesia in Brussels

Regional Office of Silesia in Brussels (BRWS) is one of 16 polish regional representations operating in Brussels.


Regional Office of Silesia Region (BRWS) is one of 16 polish representations operating in Brussels. BRWS started it’s activity on the 1st of July 2002 based on Silesian Local Parliament Resolution, but it’s offcial opening took place on the 16th September of 2002. Since then office has been functioning according to its Status and Organizational Rules and Scheme and its directly supervised by the Board of Silesian Voivodeship.

Main tasks of the office are:

• representing Silesian Voivodship in European Committee, European Parliament, Committee of the Regions and European Economic and Social Committee,
• promoting Silesian Voivodship, collecting and verifying information according to Silesian Voivodship needs and purposes, focusing on following thematic areas: regional policies, transport, energy, environment, innovation and research, information society, healthcare, agricultural and fisheries policy, youth and education, labour market and social policy, revitalization, corporate social responsibility investments, promotion of cultural projects,
• mediating between partners in the process of partners acquisition for Silesian Voivodship,
• informing local authorities about legal changes, procedures and decisions in UE,
• supporting region in gaining financing from sectoral programmes.




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Regional Office of Silesia in Brussels
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