Marco Polo II

Marco Polo aims to ease road congestion and its attendant pollution by promoting a switch to greener transport modes for European freight traffic. Railways, sea-routes and inland waterways have spare capacity.


  • Reduce congestion;
  • Improve the transport system with a focus on greater protection of the environment;
  • Enhance intermodal transport  that contributes to creating an efficient and sustainable transport system and provides European added value


  • Private and public entities involved in commercial activities;
  • EU member states;
  • members of the EEA and EFTA;
  • EU candidate countries;
  • Mediterranean partner countries;
  • Other neighbouring countries


  • Modal shift actions - support for projects aimed at modal shift, involving the mobilization of new transport services other than the road.
  • Catalyst actions - support for projects to promote change and create new services and facilities of European interest.
  • Common learning actions - joint educational activities to stimulate cooperation in transport and logistics market.
  • Motorways of the Sea actions ("motorways of the sea") - actions offering a door-to-door service by combining short-sea shipping services with other modes of transport
  • Traffic avoidance actions ("avoidance of transportation") - projects which integrate transport and manufacturing logistics, reducing the demand for road transport, which has a direct impact on reducing emissions.


For the years 2007- 2013 the budget of the programme is EUR 400 mln., with overall budget of the programme reaching EUR 740 mln. According to the Commission's estimates,  every euro of subsidies granted to the Marco Polo program will result in 6 times larger benefit in the social and environmental spheres.

Source: European Commission

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